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Your Happiness is My Happiness…and spam is not going to make you happy.

You can know that your images and your information are safe with me. I will never sell your info to anyone else under any circumstances. In fact, when it comes to boudoir or any other especially private types of photography- I will not even divulge that you are a client without your express permission. I am an extremely private person, when my information is shared, it makes me feel more naked than, well, being naked! I am not trying to be rich or famous, I am trying to support my children and bring a little bit of beauty and happiness into the world at the same time. To embarrass you or share your info would be against everything that I am trying to achieve.

Any info that I collect from you will be used only to communicate session information and images as well as the occasional newsletter or special offer. Those newsletters and offers are not only tailored to you, but they will be something that I genuinely think you might enjoy. For example, after a year of taking your pictures, I always put together a milestone book or canvas set– I know you will want that email!

So, please, rest assured. Not only was I born to be a confidant and great keeper of secrets, I will never do anything that risks making you unhappy. Your happiness being my happiness is not my tag line- it is my business model and my truth.

I am always anxious to hear your feedback and suggestions on what you would like to be done differently at our next session. Contact me anytime via text or phone call, email, messenger, instagram, or the contact form below.

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