Rosie Peach Photography


The Words that Keep Me Going,

 Deserve to be Recorded.

            Recent Responses:

     (All Testimonials Are Verifiable.)

  • “You just have this way of capturing my little boy that shows exactly who he is. I don’t see that in just any picture.”- MT of Ashland, Ky
  • I received a thank card in the mail from LS of Rush, Ky. She wrote that she was “incredibly pleased with the quality” of my work and “how incredibly hard” I try to make people happy. She enclosed a significant check as a thank you to go with the card (I will keep that card forever.)
  • “She is smiling. She is making eye contact. This is probably the only picture that I have with both. Your ability to work with her, your patience is amazing.” -BH mother of a child on the spectrum.
  • “I couldn’t ask for more. You are the best photographer for my grandson.” -VG of Ashland, Ky
  • “Your pics are AMAZING.” – JA of Rush, Kentucky
  • “I am using you for ever. For everything. You are amazing.” – AD of Ashland, Ky
  • “SM of Ashland, Ky wrote a check that was double my fee to show her appreciation for my hard work. She says “I have never had such a wonderful experience witb a photographer.”
And to give you the full picture, these are the criticisms I have received:
  • “These are not what I had in mind. They look like the rest of your pictures but I thought they would just look…different. The backgrounds are too blurry and when I said I wanted relaxed, natural looking shots I really wanted more  direction.” -I will leave this one anonymous. This is the only criticism I have received from a client to date. This experience taught me to take as much time as needed to fully educate the client on what to expect and make sure that they know how to communicate exactly what they are looking for. Then I put it in a contract and they review it and sign off. Luckily, the pictures at issue were just bonuses and the part they purchased was satisfactory, they did not leave a bad review or anything. However, it was still a low point for me because “satisfactory” is not acceptable against my personal standards.