Rosie Peach Photography



In order to decide if you should hire me, first you must know how to choose a photographer that matches your needs. So…

1. Always Choose A Professional, not a person who just has a nice camera. There is a world of difference and skill level and service.

2.Find somebody who creates images you like– not someone you think can make images you like. For example, if you like very vibrant digital styles over more classic looks, I am not your ideal choice . I absolutely do not want you to hire me just because I fit your price point. I want you to love what I do so I can create things that you loveIMG_0541-4

 …and will make you remember.

3. Consider your target price. Now reconsider your target price. Photography is an area of the market in which you truly getwhat you pay for. It sounds great to get 1,000 images for 100 dollars but that is going to be an outcome you could have created yourself with a similar device set on auto.  Consider the value o the outcome and the service.


You want a photographic expert who will create immersive art for your family.  Immersive art helps you relive your experiences while telling your story. We do not think twice about saving up for a new iPad but this is a choice that can truly follow your family for generations (especially when you have guaranteed, triplicate storage options.)


4. Choose someone who recognizes the importance of your needs. You have an opportunity to showcase your life for yourself, your loved ones… and people yet to be born. People are remembered through images in their mind and in the homes of their descendants. I have intentionally crafted my style to strike not only your eye, but also your memory. (Starting out with a plan to be a behavioral neurologist has come in handy- there are direct and indirect physiological responses to art that are directly linked to memory. Detail shots are very important for this reason as well.) Be Unforgettable

5. Especially in the case of a wedding, keep in mind, we are talking about someone who will be by your side for most of the day. You want someone who has experience on what to expect from the day. Photographers spend so much time observing weddings, they really become quite the experts— and they can help you iron out any problems before they even appear. This also may be a person with whom you choose to do a

Watch Me Grow Plan.


In that case, we are talking about a relationship that can last many years.

I have set myself up to be a true family photographer. I keep long lasting relationships with my clients and I am often there to celebrate every milestone throughout the cycles of their lives.City Key


And I am honored to do so.

IMG_06666. Remember what else you are actually paying for. Editing practices vary widely, but in addition to the hours I spend shooting the pictures, I spend at least 10 to 15 minutes on every picture for editing.                                          


So with a one hour session and twenty pictures, you are actually paying for 260 to 360 minutes (4 to 6 hours) of work in addition to the expertise I have acquired through years of practice, classes and seminars. (This also does not include the cost of running a business.)

7. Some photographers offer additional services to save you both money and time.

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